Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Fashion Page: Rothy's Review

Hey y'all! I recently bought a pair of Rothy's, and I'm so excited to tell you about them! These shoes are stylish, sustainable, and SO comfy! This review isn't sponsored and the opinions are all my own.

I've seen ads for Rothy's all over my social media feeds, and a lot of my friends swear they're the best shoes ever. They're also eco-friendly because they're made with recycled water bottles and sustainable materials. However, they're definitely on the pricey side, so I had been hesitant to commit to buying a pair. I browsed through the Rothy's site a few times, and saw a pair of flats in my favorite color (bright teal, of course)! Unfortunately, they didn't have my size available. I signed up to be notified if they ever got restocked even though I doubted it would happen, and I pretty much forgot about it. About a month later, I started working full time and studying for the bar. Studying for this huge exam in these crazy times plus struggling with the learning curve of a new job was rough, and I was in need of a little retail therapy. Since the high points of my days are usually taking my dog out for a walk, I figured I'd look into some new shoes. As luck would have it, I got an email saying the bright teal Rothy's I had my eyes on were back in stock! I quickly put in my order and waited for them to arrive.

These shoes shipped ridiculously fast, even for pre-coronavirus times. I've had them for about a month, and I broke down everything I think you should know about them:

Since middle school, I've had exactly 2 pairs of flats that didn't rub my heels raw or give me blisters, so I'm always super skeptical about flats. When I tried these ones on they were SO COMFY! You'd never think that shoes made from plastic would be comfortable, but these felt like walking on a cloud! The insole they come with is super cushiony, and you can always replace it with a different insole if you like. Rothy's have about as much arch support as normal flats (maybe a little bit more due to the pillowy insole), but again, you can definitely swap out the insole for something more supportive.

These shoes are so cute! I normally tend to buy shoes in neutral colors so I can wear them with more outfits, but I couldn't resist the bright teal option (the color was "Calypso" if you're wondering). Rothy's come in a variety of different colors and patterns, so you definitely have a good selection. There are also a bunch of different styles. I think the two most popular styles are the pointed-toe and rounded-toe flats. Personally, I've always preferred rounded-toe shoes, but a lot of people like the points. Either option is a great way to finish off an outfit. While I probably won't wear my bright teal Rothy's to court, I definitely think the neutral colors would fit right in at the office. I'm looking forward to when we can all (safely!) go out again so I can rock my Rothy's!

Since I bought these shoes, they have held up great! I tend to drag my feet when I walk, so my shoes tend to get scuffed up. Rothy's are knit shoes, so I was worried about them getting chewed up quickly. I've worn them 2-3 times a day since they arrived, and they still look brand new! PLUS they can go in the washer! Just remove the insoles, pop the shoes and insoles in the washing machine, and they come out clean! This was a huge perk for me because my flats tend to get smelly quickly. You do have to let them air dry, so make sure you don't wash them right before you plan on wearing them.

I think price is the biggest reason people are hesitant to buy Rothy's. Since the rounded-toe flats are $125 per pair and the pointed-toe flats are $145 a pair, it's understandable to want to know you're getting something worth what you're paying for. I was super on-the-fence about buying a pair of these shoes entirely due to the price tag, but I think that after experiencing what they're like, they're worth the splurge. You can also save $20 by using a referral code!

When I was doing my research on Rothy's, I found a lot of people saying to go a half-size to a full-size higher than your usual shoe size for the rounded-toe flats and a full size higher than normal for the pointed-toe flats. I'm usually a 7.5. I ordered my rounded-toe flats in an 8, and they fit perfectly. A few places say that the shoes should feel a bit loose at first and that they'll form to your feet over time. Mine had that loose feeling when I wore them without the insoles, but I haven't felt like they've gotten too tight when I'm walking around with the insoles in. If you have wider feet or like a looser feel, I'd recommend going up a full size. Personally, my feet are normal width and I prefer my shoes to be on the tighter side, so I feel like ordering my Rothy's half a size up was sufficient. I'll probably go a full size up if/ when I try the pointed-toe version.

Overall, I think Rothy's are incredible! They're cute, comfy, and they hold up well. The price is a bit high, but the fact that you can extend their life by putting them in the washer justifies splurging for them. If you want to try Rothy's yourself, check them out here. By following the link you'll get $20 off! Full disclosure, I'll get $20 back as well, so everyone wins! Let me know what you think about Rothy's in the comments!

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